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MK6.5 Incinerator (Dual Chamber) - 100kg per hour

Our unique Elliptical Shaped incinerator's design ensures internal high temperature gases accelerate waste destruction, it provides a more efficient burning action with NO DEAD corners. This particular shape gives our incinerators high structural strength, they also feature high temperature castable refractory, Stainless Steel Stack and Diesel or gas fired burners. They are also easy to install & maintain. Our incineration system design is determined by the product to be destroyed, the preferred hours of burning and degree of sophistication required by the client.
The basic unit would have: Dual Chambers, Manual Load & Package burners with basic burner controls.
Where as a top of the range unit would have: High temperature furnace controls, Program Logic Control, automatic loading, opacity meter, printout recording of smoke reading, operating temperatures and O2 emission, scrubbing system wet or dry, multiple burner control sequences & heat recovery.
Dual Chamber incinerators have a primary chamber with primary burner to incinerate the waste and a secondary chamber with after burner to burn off smoke and odour that occurs immediately from the primary burning process.
Efficient operation of the after burner will produce visually clean emission for the incinerator stack (exhaust).
More difficult waste types, such as heavy plastic content waste and bio-medical (hospital) waste plastics may require emission gas control scrubbing devices to meet environmental protection regulations in Australia and most developed countries.

Please Note: Hydraulic Semi Automatic Loading Incinerators available upon request (3 phase power required)

Download the brochure below:

   MK 6.5 Data Sheet