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MK1000B Incinerator 1000kg / hour

The MK 1000 - B is one of the most robust reliable and thermally efficient incinerators available on the market today. It is also CE Certified and compliant with the most up to date EU legislation. 

The MK 1000 B incinerator machine is suitable for safe and economic disposal of a wide range of waste types. It requires minimal user interaction and only a single operator throughout.

 Waste is loaded via the counter balanced top loading lid into the primary combustion chamber. The design of the primary chamber lends itself to a sealed, leak proof arrangement.

When the lid is closed, the progressive latching system creates a tight window frame seal, which reduces thermal heat loss.
Operation of the machine is performed via the simple-to-use PLC Controller. The machine can be set to perform a previously prepared cycle, or custom settings can be entered via the interface.

Press the ‘start’ button. After this has been performed, no further action is required.

The machine will maintain optimum burn temperatures whilst reducing fuel usage when heat is not required throughout the cycle.

The machine cycle will begin with preheating the secondary after chamber to the required 1100°C minimum. This chamber provides a turbulent and high temperature environment for the thorough treatment and oxidation of the partially burnt flue gases.

Once above this minimum temperature threshold, the incineration process in the primary chamber can commence. Real time temperatures from the primary and secondary chambers are displayed at all times from the PLC controller.

Once the cycle has completed, an automatic cool down process will be enacted for the machine to be safely de-ashed and reloaded.

The resulting waste will have been reduced to approximately 3% of fine, sterile, inert ash.

Please Note: Hydraulic Semi Automatic Loading Incinerators available upon request (3 phase power required)

      MK1000 Data Sheet