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MK 500B Medical Incinerator 500kg / hour

The ACE range of Medical & Pathological incinerators (MP Series) are bespoke incinerators specifically designed for the destruction of high category medical/pathological red bag waste. These wastes types generally have high moisture contents and low calorific values such as blood, human organs/tissues, swabs, etc. The MP series has been specifically designed to completely and efficiently destroy these wastes with higher moisture content of 50% and above.

The MP range is designed as a two stage incinerator unit comprising of a primary loading chamber that incorporates a hot hearth construction for the total destruction of the solid/liquid wastes. The unit is further complemented by an integral after burner system. This afterburner draws the hot gases from the primary chamber under the hearth through an integral refractory brick system. This ensures maximum gas turbulence/ mixing is achieved thus aiding clean combusted gases. All gases then reside inside the after burner chamber for a minimum of 2 seconds at temperatures of 850-1150°C ensuring complete high temperature termination/ oxidation of the gas combustion products.


      ACE MK500 Data Sheet