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Heat Recovery

Installation of Heat Recovery Equipment enables the recycling of energy produced in the incineration process, thereby allowing more economical disposal of waste.

Heat Exchangers that may be incorporated with the Incineration Systems for energy recovery are:

  • Air to Air
  • Air to Water/Steam
  • Air to Oil
Without heat exchangers, energy or heat from exhaust systems simply exits to atmosphere and is thereby wasted and lost. Heat recovery is a means of recovering part of the incineration fuel costs.


Incineration of Fluids by Injection
Fluid injection incineration systems are designed to meet clean air emission requirements with opportunity for energy recovery in the process.

Energy from ignition and combustion of suitable waste fluids may provide fuel for primary incineration of other wastes of lower calorific value prior to high temperature afterburning.


Burner Types

  • Agents for Nu-Way Gas and Oil Burners
  • Gas Fired Package Burners
  • Diesel Fired Package Burners
  • Gas Fired Furnace burners - High Temperature
  • Diesel Fired Furnace burners - High Temperature
  • Dual Fuel Furnace Burners (Gas & diesel)
  • Burners fuelled by pre-treated Waste Oil