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Custom Design and Manufacture

Aust Combustion Engineering provides design and manufacturing facilities to meet specific client requirements for cremation systems and emission control systems. Our units are modular and pre-fired at the factory, therefore installation and commissioning time is minimal. The systems are readily transportable. Weather proofing is essential. The Minimum requirement for weather proofing is a shed with at least one wall enclosed. 

A basic unit would have:

  • Dual chambers
  • Manual load
  •  Package burners with basic burner controls

What is expected of a client?

  • Power supply to unit
  • Fuel storage and supply lines to unit
  • Civil works including concrete base
  • Shed for weather protection
  • Cranage on site
  • Personnel to assist ACE Engineering technician to install

What does installation and commissioning include?          

  • Supervision of installation of the unit
  • Trial running to test burn subject material
  • Instruction of operators and service personnel

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